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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wait! Did you say there's a Simplee Vinyl blog?!?

Yep, I sure did!
I got really tired of updating my family blog with simplee vinyl information 
so I decided to start a blog just for Simplee Vinyl! 
How smart is that??
Yeah, I thought so. 
So there are some big changes coming to Simplee Vinyl!
And you wonderful peeps who are reading this blog
will be the first to know about the BIG changes and BIG deals!!

So let's get on with it. . . 
WELCOME to my blog!

OH! PS I don't have any followers yet, so. . .

*If you are the first follower you will receive one free vinyl decal from my website!

*If you are a 2-6 follower you will receive $10 off of your order!

*If you are a 7-11 follower you will receive $5 off your order!

If you are the 12th follower too bad!
Just kidding -follow my blog anyway! There will be other deals and discounts
to come for my trusty followers.

Make sure you leave a comment with your email address so I can get you your discounts!


Goodnight moon said...

You know I would've followed you anyways! Love your creations!

Holly said...

Hi Julie, The decal on my car is going strong!

Welcome to blogsphear.

leslie mae said...

Jewels! Brilliant idea! I love your stuff and I look at it all the time! I need to quit being indecisive!!

lesliemaeofthetetons at gmail

Anonymous said...

Yipee.. I've been looking for a vinyl place! :-)

Katie said...

Woohoo! I'm number nine!

Katie said...

And my email is

Melissa said...

I love all your vinyl!
Im number 10 :)

Mel said...

I just became a follower! You have some dang cute things. I am excited to look around more!

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